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Preparing Your RV for Winter Living

RV camping in the winter can be a fun adventure for family and close friends to enjoy after the holidays. However, as with any trip involving your camper trailer, you’ll need to be prepared beforehand to avoid harm done to your RV by the cold weather. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time inside the trailer, you’ll want it to be in suitable condition to keep you and your family warm throughout the journey.  

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Is Your RV Cozy Enough for the Winter?

Staying comfortable during the winter while camping in your RV will mean everything should be in perfect shape. This means checking the insulation and humidity, getting a professional to check your camper trailer, and getting the right tools and utilities before your wintertime road trip. 

  1. Proper Insulation
  2. Get Cooking
  3. Dress Your RV in a Skirt
  4. Get a Maintenance Check 
  5. Keep Humidity Under Control

1) Proper Insulation

Having the right insulation is crucial for keeping your RV warm during the cold temperatures of winter. Don’t mess with the ventilation of the space heaters that are on your RV. Any heaters that use propane tanks must be vented properly to remove toxic gases. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to have a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and carbon monoxide detectors in your camper trailer during winter camping.

2) Get Cooking

When you live in an RV during the winter, it tends to warm up easily with the hustle and bustle of people preparing food in the kitchen. Getting the oven of your camper trailer’s kitchen heated up will provide everyone with some warmth after a nice meal. 

3) Dress Your RV in a Skirt

An RV skirt will keep your living space safe from the cold air and prevent heat loss. You can buy skirting made from a variety of materials such as plywood or rigid foam insulation. The RV skirt is great for keeping the floor of the camper warm all winter long. 

4) Get a Maintenance Check 

Travel trailers need to be in working condition before you take them on the road, especially in freezing temperatures. Extreme cold weather can affect your camper if it’s not already in good shape and hasn’t been winterized correctly. Your RV service department will be able to evaluate any damage done to your trailer and how to get it back in working condition for the winter camp trip.

5) Keep Humidity Under Control

Part of winterizing your RV is keeping the humidity seen in the RV windows at safe levels. This will keep from damaging the camper’s interior and exterior. Keeping moisture under control will prevent health hazards, such as mold, from affecting your family and pets. You can monitor the humidity of your camper with a humidity monitor tool found in most hardware stores. 

Road Tripping in a Winter Wonderland

When preparing your RV for winter living, remember these tips and rules before and during your trip. Have a backup plan for emergencies and a way to handle all possible situations. Don’t drive in hazardous road conditions like on icy roads or while there’s a blizzard happening.

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