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Summer Camping: 5 Essentials to Stay Cool

When you’re camping in hot weather places like Texas, especially in the summer, you’ll need some essentials to stay cool. With camping season around the corner and national parks opening up, now is a great time to start packing your camping supplies. 

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What essential camping items do you need for the summer?

This summer camping trip, make sure you can keep bugs away, have a cool shelter, and stock up on food and water. Wear the appropriate clothing to stay cool and bring any pet essentials if you’re bringing your furry friend.

  1. Keep Bugs Away
  2. Pet Essentials
  3. Cool Shelter
  4. Food and Drinks 
  5. Appropriate Clothing & Shoes

1) Keep Bugs Away

No one likes to be swarmed by mosquitoes on their summer vacation. Make sure to bring a bug repellent you can spray on yourself or a citronella candle you can have nearby while you hang out at camp. You can also get a Thermacell mosquito repellent device to carry with you hassle-free. 

2) Pet Essentials

If you’re going on a camping trip with your pets, you’ll want to make sure they have what they need, too. Bringing your dog or cat–given the campgrounds allow pets–can be a great experience for the entire family. They’ll need travel dishes for food and water, a leash and harness, and safety gear for when you’re on the road. 

3) Cool Shelter

You can always find shelter in your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler. However, if you’re camping outside of your camper, you’ll need a tent that can keep you cool throughout the summer night. Warm weather sleeping bags are a good option for comfort while you get the great outdoors experience. 

4) Food and Drinks

Staying hydrated and nourished is crucial when camping in the summer. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle everywhere you go. Make sure to stay stocked up on food and water for your trip that you can easily make in your RV’s kitchen or over a campfire. 

5) Appropriate Clothing & Shoes

You don’t want your feet to be suffering after your trip because you brought the wrong shoes. Try to plan for your activities; have hiking boots for long walks on the trails and flip flops for chilling out by the lake. To stay cool, wear moisture-wicking shirts and pants and a lightweight hat.

Pro Tip: If you plan on wearing a tank top to stay cool this summer, be sure to wear a strong SPF sunscreen. You’d be surprised how quickly you can get burnt!

Keeping Cool this Summer Camping Trip

Try this summer camping essentials packing list for a cool and fun camping experience. Don’t forget to make sure your RV is road-ready before your trip. Have fun with your family and friends!

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