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Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip during the summer can be a wonderful and memorable experience. You get to experience the great outdoors and learn about nature while spending quality time with family and friends. Before you pack your bags and get in your RV, you’ll need to prepare accordingly for your perfect summer camping trip. 

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How can you plan the perfect camping experience this summer?

Start planning your summer camping trip today by choosing the perfect destination, deciding what type of camping you’ll be doing, and having the essentials you need. 

  1. Choosing a Destination
  2. Decide Your Camping Style
  3. Gather Essential Supplies
  4. Prepare in Advance

1) Choosing a Destination

Several RV parks and camping areas are slowly reopening. As long as you take care to maintain social distancing from other campers, you can safely spend your camping trip in one of many parks. Search online and call around to find a camping ground that is both open and offers the amenities and utility hookups you’ll need.

2) Decide Your Camping Style

If you’re traveling with an RV or travel trailer, chances are you’re aiming for a more luxurious camping trip than simply sleeping in a tent. But you still have to consider several important things. For example, not every park will have a complete set of utility hookups for your trailer. Others may not offer especially nice outdoor cooking areas or easy-to-hike trails. Consider how long you’ll be on your trip and what you’re planning to do. Your plans will influence where you ultimately choose to go.

3) Gather Essential Supplies

What will you need on your camping trip? Besides the obvious supplies like food, consider the time of year you’re going camping. Summertime brings high temperatures and the ever-present chance of sunburn. Make sure to bring cool clothing, high SPF sunscreen, cool drinks, pet supplies, and a makeshift shelter to protect yourself from the sun. You’ll be grateful you took the time to protect yourself!

Pro Tip: Before your next camping trip, double-check that your RV first aid kit has all the essentials: bandages, emergency medicine, disinfectants, etc.

4) Prepare in Advance

The saying “expect the unexpected” still holds true for camping trips! While you can’t possibly envision every potential scenario, it’s better to have essential supplies you don’t need than to need them and not have them. Plan your route well ahead of time and gather everything essential for your health and comfort on the road. Having a complete itinerary will save you a lot of trouble on your trip.

Summer Camping Trips to Remember

Use these tips to plan your ideal camping trip this summer and have a great time with your loved ones! See what the campgrounds offer beforehand to make sure your RV will have all the necessary hookups and you can bring pets if you were planning to. 

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