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Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home and Can’t Go Camping

With the current stay at home order in effect, some stress-free alone time can quickly become cabin fever. For those who love to travel and go camping, it’s hard to find the same satisfaction when you’re stuck and home. There are only so many TV shows you can binge-watch on your favorite streaming service!

You’ve rewatched all the Harry Potter movies, true crime shows, and of course Tiger King. Now you need some more things to do while you’re stuck at home and camping isn’t an option. #Camperland Click To Tweet

Things to Do When You're Stuck at Home and Can't Go Camping

Whether you’re stuck at home by yourself or with roommates, there are plenty of things to do around the house while you stay safe. Use this time to plan your next camping trip, spend quality time with the people you house with, and if you have children, get them involved in some fun at-home activities

At Home on Your Own

The bad news might be that nothing lasts forever, but the goods news is that nothing lasts forever! Start planning your next big trip while you have free time at home. Check out virtual tours of popular destinations to get some inspiration. You can take this time to research which types of RV you’d like to rent or purchase in the future. 

Pro Tip: Use your time stuck at home to create a future travel plan you can put into action once social distancing has passed. 

With Family or Roommates

If you’re isolating at home with other family members or roommates, spend some quality time together by playing board games or video games with each other. It might not be the large group of friends and family you’re used to having around, but you should take this time to strengthen your relationships with the people you live with. You’re all in this together! 

Keeping Kids Occupied 

Being a parent and working from home while your kids do their classes from home can be chaotic without a set schedule. Make sure you’re taking breaks from social media and give your kids some time for arts and crafts, intellectually stimulating hobbies, and soothing activities like coloring books. 

Don’t Panic, Prepare! This Too Shall Pass

It can seem impossible to find things to do while stuck at home, but the internet has plenty of suggestions for fun activities you can do from the comfort of your living room. Remember that we’re all in this together, and you can get through this knowing you and your family are safe. 

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