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Different Types of Toy Haulers to Choose From

If you are a sports and RV enthusiast, you need to know the various types of toy haulers to help you choose what’s best for your needs. Toy haulers are an excellent choice for people who love camping out with motorbikes, side by side, and ATVs. They are also ideal for people who need extra space in their RVs for an office or kids’ playroom.

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What’s a toy hauler? It’s a recreational vehicle that allows you to go camping with your favorite toy for off-road expeditions. At the back, it has a space known as the garage area for carrying any toy. However, various types of toy haulers have different features, such as floor plans and cargo space size.

Here are the different types of toy haulers and their unique features.

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

A fifth-wheel toy hauler is the ultimate choice for most RVers with toys. It has a big living area at the front and a separate garage space in the back. What sets a fifth-wheel toy hauler apart is that it has the living area separated from the garage area by a wall.

A fifth-wheel toy hauler’s living space is similar to its conventional counterpart fifth-wheel trailer. However, the garage area is quite different. The former’s garage area has an oil-resistant floor, reinforced floor structure, and big storage space.

Travel Trailer Toy Haulers

Travel trailer toy haulers are available in various sizes, from a short toy hauler trailer for small toys to huge 38-foot rigs with all the amenities. Small toy haulers, also known as sport-utility trailers, have small sleeping spaces and basic kitchen facilities but no toilets.

Unlike fifth-wheel toy haulers, travel trailer toy haulers don’t have a wall separating the garage area and the living area. In some cases, the garage space will extend into the living space to carry longer toys. To use the space, you have to unload the toy.

Toy Hauler Motorhomes

Toy hauler motorhomes come in two different types: Class A and Class C toy haulers. While they share a few similarities, they are different in size of the garage. Class A toy haulers have longer garages while their Class B counterparts have shorter garages.

If you need plenty of living space, consider using the Class A toy hauler motorhomes, which are almost 40 feet long. Its garage area has a reinforced floor strong enough to support the additional weight. The floor also has a rubber covering that’s easy to clean.

The Best Toy Haulers for You to Choose From

Now that you know the different types of toy haulers and their features, you won’t have trouble selecting an option that suits your needs best. The good news is that toy haulers are versatile and can carry various toys for off-road adventures.

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