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Types of RVs: What is a Toy Hauler?

If you’re looking to vacation with your favorite big toys, the toy hauler is a perfect option for you. They come with a wide range of options from large or small floor plans to modern styles and conveniences.

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Put simply, a toy hauler is like a travel trailer with a living space and a garage space. This type of RV is great for a group that wants to bring ATVs, bikes, and other hobby items. For your next outdoor adventure, read more into what it is and what it does:

Simple Living Area Layout

A smaller toy hauler will have a simple layout with a kitchen and bathroom in the front, and bed space in the back. If you get a larger unit, they may come with private bedrooms upfront in the living quarters and a completely separate cargo area in the rear. 

Cargo Space for Toys

The additional garage area attached to the trailer is made for you to haul your toys anywhere you go. The dimensions of a toy hauler are typically wider and taller compared to travel trailers. The ramp connecting to the hauler’s garage space can also be set up as a deck, depending on the model. 

Pro Tip: Speak with a reputable RV dealership to decide if a new or used vehicle is best for you and your camping plans. 

Lots of Camping to Do

You can bring your favorite outdoor activities with you everywhere you go with a toy hauler. This type of RV is great for many different campgrounds and adventures. They’re for the campers who love the outdoors and plenty of recreational hobbies to choose from. 

Toy Haulers for Outdoor Adventures

Know that you know what a toy hauler is and what you can do with it, which recreational vehicles will you bring on your next adventure? There are many future camping plans to make and endless possibilities with a toy hauler and your favorite hobbies. 

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