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What is a Toy Hauler?

If you love hanging around with your big toy, a toy hauler can be a perfect RV choice for you. But what is a toy hauler? A toy hauler is an RV with an extra space at the back for storing your big toy and moving it from place to place during road or camping trips.

Toy haulers are valuable assets for RVers who need extra space in their camper. Besides using the space for storing the big toys, the area can act as a playroom for your kids. You can even turn the empty room on the toy hauler into an office.

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Defining the Toy Hauler 

So, what is a toy hauler? It’s a recreational vehicle with space at the back to allow you to store big toys, such as motorbikes, dirt bikes, golf carts, and ATVs. In other words, a toy hauler is an RV with a garage at the back. It has a ramp to let toys move in and out.

Different Types of Toy Haulers

There are various toy haulers on the market, including toy hauler motorhomes, 5th wheel toy haulers, and travel trailer toy haulers.

Toy Hauler Motorhomes

The two motorhomes with a garage space are Class A and Class C motorhomes. They have similar features to their ‘traditional’ counterparts. But the only difference is the rear garage space in a toy hauler, which is not in the normal version.

The Class A toy hauler has a garage about 10-feet long, while the Class C toy hauler has a shorter garage space.

5th Wheel Toy Haulers

This toy hauler has conventional living space at the front and a separate garage for toys at the back. In most cases, a wall separates the garage area of a 5th wheel toy hauler from the living space. You can access the room via an interior door or from the outside.

Travel Trailer Toy Haulers

Travel trailer toy haulers come in a vast range of sizes, from short ones with storage areas for small or light toys to 38-feet long toy haulers with bigger living space. Longer travel trailer toy haulers have many amenities.

Toy Hauler Features to Consider

Here are the things to consider when buying toy haulers.

  • Garage Size: If you have many or bigger toys, you need to buy a toy hauler with an oversized garage. A smaller garage may be convenient for smaller toys.
  • Sleeping Space: Most toy haulers have garages that provide sleeping space for guests and kids.
  • Number of Bathrooms: While most toy haulers come with one bathroom, some have an additional bathroom.

Choosing a Toy Hauler for Your RV Camping Experience

When asked, “What is a toy hauler,” you can now tell how it is different from their normal counterparts. Since there are many models of toy haulers, evaluate your needs and pick a toy hauler that can fulfill them. Consider the garage size and additional amenities.

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