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What Toys Fit in a Toy Hauler?

Finding out what toys fit in a toy hauler is the most crucial part of getting a toy hauler. Toys, especially those that you will use on camping trips, come in a wide variety of sizes. It would therefore help to select toys that will fit in your toy hauler trailer.

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What can you fit in your new toy hauler? 

A typical toy hauler trailer comes with enough space for kayaks, motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides, and whatever else they can carry in the garage space. Apart from the fact that most toy haulers can convert to have a living area at the front half, they have a ramp door in the back.

Let’s have a look at the kind of toys you can take with you on a travel trailer. 

  1. Side by Sides
  2. ATVs
  3. Dirt Bikes
  4. Snowmobiles 
  5. Mobile Office

1) Side by Sides

These are the biggest toys that a hauler can carry. Side by sides come in different lengths to fit in wheel toy haulers. Their sizes are determined mainly by the number of seats. Notably, the toys can carry around 2-4 people, making them one of the biggest.

2) ATVs

A regular ATV weighs about 500 pounds, and most of them are 4’ wide by 7 to 8 feet long. The heavy-duty utility one should weigh about 700 pounds. A toy hauler can take an adult ATV and a child’s ATV in the garage area effortlessly. 

3) Dirt Bikes

If you love dirt bike riding, then you will be glad to know that a towing vehicle can carry at least one or two in a toy hauler motorhome.  You can easily fit two big dirt bikes like a Harley Davidson in any RV with a 12” extended garage. 

4) Snowmobiles

You can get at least two snowmobiles in the garage of a travel trailer without exceeding their standard weight limit. Small, youth-sized snowmobiles measure about 6’ long, 3’wide, and 2.5′ tall and weigh around 150 pounds.

5) Mobile Office

Most toy haulers can accommodate a mobile office. The floor plans in most travel trailers have enough room for a mobile office and living space. Having such divisions within a toy hauler would still leave you with enough storage and sleeping space.

Setting Up Your New Toy Hauler

When setting up your new toy hauler, you will have to examine what toys fit in a toy hauler critically. The last thing you want is to exceed the weight limits in a way that will affect your trailer’s movement. Getting the measurements of the toys you would like to carry should help with setting up.

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