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Decorate Your Travel Trailer with These 5 Ideas

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing how to decorate your travel trailer before going on a road trip. Adding a décor that matches your style can make your camper feel like home whenever you are away. Discover how to personalize your RV to fit your needs.

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What are some fun ways to decorate your travel trailer?

If your new travel trailer comes with a fairly standard or boring interior, you can give the RV a personal touch to make it feel like home. You can replace the RV’s bland décor with a more impressive modern style. Here are some of the decorating ideas to consider.

  1. Choosing a Theme
  2. Wall Decor
  3. Souvenir Space
  4. Add Lighting 
  5. Paint the Interior

1) Choosing a Theme

When decorating your RV interior, choose a theme that will make you happier, and keep it consistent throughout the RV. Incorporating your favorite theme will personalize the RV space and create a homely feel. Always think about your theme when selecting a color for your towels, wall decals, and throw pillows. 

2) Wall Decor

Adding some lovely décor to the interior walls of your travel trailer can spruce up your space. While there are a few options for RV wall décor, most of them are simple and cheaper DIY projects. For instance, you can hang some maps, flowers, banners, decals, and photo displays on your RV walls.

3) Souvenir Space

Another travel trailer decorating idea that can liven up your space are the souvenirs. While most RV travelers forget the souvenirs collected during their trips, add yours to the travel trailer to spruce it up. You can hang them on a magnetic board.

Pro Tip: Showing off souvenirs will add fun to your travel trailer and remind you about all the exciting memories you’ve had in the home-on-wheels.

4) Add Lighting

While almost every RV type comes equipped with lighting systems, the lights might not be decorative as you want. Install a few decorative lights to spruce up your RV space. Some of the options to consider include flameless candles, rope lights, and firefly or fairy lights.

5) Paint the Interior 

Painting the RV walls will add color and transform your RV living space. Give your RV a new look by applying a few coats of fresh paint that matches your style. However, since most RV walls are slick, painting them can sometimes be tricky. So you’ll have to sand the walls, regardless of the paint or primer you’ve selected.

Creating a Unique Travel Trailer Style

Now that you know how to decorate your travel trailer, you can give your RV interior a new look to make it feel like home. Use the decorating ideas we’ve shared to customize your RV space with features that can fulfill all your travel and camping needs.

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