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5 Tips for Fun & Stress-Free Road Trips with Kids

RV road trips can make for a great family vacation to remember–but sometimes a family road trip can be challenging. Kids get bored pretty easily, and you’ll need a way to keep them occupied and content while on the road for extended amounts of time. 

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How can you have a stress-free road trip that’s fun for the whole family? 

Don’t forget to plan rest stops before you hit the road for your family RV trip. Have coloring books, travel games, and fast food stops prepared. Once your camper is child safe and ready to go, it’s time for stress-free quality time with the whole family. 

  1. Stack Up the Snacks
  2. On-the-Go Entertainment
  3. Plan Pitstops Beforehand
  4. Provide Safety and Comfort
  5. Stick to the Map

1) Stack Up the Snacks

Snacks are everything while traveling. Your little ones will be kept by a variety of different snacks every so often. Get something sweet, something savory, some fruits and veggies. Keeping their tastebuds satisfied and tummies full will make everyone happy. 

2) On-the-Go Entertainment

Keep your kids occupied by playing games or with educational toys. Bring their favorite books, whether they are reading on their own or for you to read younger ones. Listening to their favorite music can be great fun for them and make the ride go by faster. 

Pro Tip: We live in an age with many child-appropriate mobile games that kids love. These are okay for road trip entertainment, in moderation!

3) Plan Pitstops Beforehand

It’s smart to plan the route you’ll take ahead of time and note where you can stop in case of car sickness or for bathroom breaks. You’ll want to have a rough idea of when the kids will get hungry and tired–and when you will, too. Look for decent places along your route with good reviews that will be suitable for your travel trailer and have food options nearby if needed. 

4) Provide Safety and Comfort

Make sure to have installed the proper car seat for your little ones. If they have a favorite blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal, make sure to bring these along for the ride as well! The more at home your little ones feel in the camper, the easier their road trip will be, and so will yours. 

5) Stick to the Map

Bring a paper map along and have older kids look at the route and get a geography lesson as you travel. The route and pitstops you planned earlier can be added to it with stickers or a marker for the kids to check off the map as you go. 

Fun for the Whole Family

Follow these tips for your next RV road trip with the kids to ensure a fun time for everyone. Remember to make the most out of your trip by visiting national parks and RV campgrounds all over Texas and the U.S.!

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