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Give Your Dog Room to Roam on a Camping Trip

If you’re planning to bring your dog on a camping trip, you may be wondering how to keep your canine companion safe without locking him in the RV all day. You always want your dog to roam around the campsite, but you can’t just take him off the leash or he’ll go missing. You also can’t afford to follow him around constantly. What’s the best solution? Why not build your dog a zipline?

Ziplines for dogs come with numerous benefits. It minimizes the chances of your dog getting his leash wrapped around chairs, posts, and trees and potentially hurting himself. Better yet, it makes the dog feel less strained as he can move freely around the campsite. The good news is, making a zipline for your dog is very easy. Here is how to do it!

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How to Make a Zipline for Your Dog

To make a zipline, you’ll need a camping carabiner, nylon rope, and two spring clasps. You can use a nylon rope of any length, but we recommend about 40 feet to give your dog more room to roam around the campground.

Assembling a zipline will take around five minutes. Here is what to do:

  1. Tie one end of the rope to one spring clasp
  2. Tie the other end of the nylon rope to the other spring clasp
  3. Find two sturdy objects in your campsite (such as two trees) and loop the rope around them in a large circle. Connect the spring clasps together to form the loop. Keep the rope taught and suspended at the right height.
  4. Connect the rope to the camping carabiner
  5. Leash your dog to the carabiner

Where to Set Up Your Dog’s Zipline

So, what’s the best place to set up the zipline? The answer depends on what your campsite looks like. Any sturdy, immovable structures will work as one of the pillars of your dog zipline. A few ideas include:

  • Two trees
  • A tree and a grill built into your campsite
  • A tree and a picnic table

Safety Rules to Remember

Don’t attach your dog’s collar to the zipline–that’s a potential choking hazard. Instead, pick up a harness that fits your dog and connect that to the zipline. Not only does this keep him from choking, but it also lowers the chances of your dog slipping out of his leash.

Pro Tip: A zipline for your dog keeps him safe at your campsite, but don’t leave him unattended! You never know what mischief he can still get into.

Let Your Dog Roam!

Dogs should enjoy the great outdoors too! As you pack for your next camping trip, don’t forget to bring the supplies needed to build your dog a secure zip line. Your dog will appreciate the chance to go camping with you and spend time outside the trailer.

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