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How to Level a Travel Trailer for Camping

If you own an RV without an auto-leveling system, you must know how to level a travel trailer. Leveling an RV is never an issue until you catch a swinging door to the face or sleep off balance. In this guide, we’ll show you how to level a travel trailer for camping.

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Leveling makes your travel trailer more comfortable to stay. It also helps to keep important systems working correctly, including an RV refrigerator. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy your sleep. So, what do you need to level a travel trailer?

Leveling Tools to Use

The types of leveling tools you need will depend on your RV type, whether a motorized or towable RV. Here are the tools you’ll need to level an RV travel trailer manually.

  • Bubble Level: It’s the most common type of RV level. It contains a glass vial filled with liquid and a bubble inside for leveling.
  • Leveling Blocks: You can stack them on each other to balance the travel trailer. You can also use 2 x 6 pieces of wood as an alternative to the blocks.
  • Wheel Chocks: You need them since some towable RVs do not have their own transmissions or parking brakes.

Choosing Where to Park

Where you park your travel trailer can influence the kind of levelers you need. If you are parking it on a campground, you may not have to worry much about leveling your RV. Most campgrounds are fairly level. If you’re boondocking, consider the following factors.

  • Level Ground: Look for a level ground to park your travel trailer to ensure that you are comfortable
  • Solar: If your travel trailer uses solar power, park the travel trailer in a position where the panels can get maximum sun.
  • Refrigerator Needs: If you are camping in a hotter region, consider parking the travel trailer under a shade.

Pro Tip: If you are camping on an uneven campsite, park the travel trailer’s front side on the downhill side. It will be easier to raise the RV’s front end than the rear end.

Types of Leveling Systems

There are two types of leveling systems for RVs: the wedge style and block style.

  • Block Leveling System: You use block pieces to level the travel trailer. You can place them in front or behind of your tires on the side to be lifted. Estimate the number of blocks you’ll need to attain a uniform level.
  • Wedge Leveling System: Here, you use wedges to attain a uniform level. Place the wedges in front of the tires you want to lift. Drive the travel trailer forward until it looks level. Once the trailer is level, chock the levelers.

Leveling Your Travel Trailer the Right Way

Knowing how to level a travel trailer will help you obtain a level that’s safe and comfortable. You need to get the right tools, including wheel chocks and leveling blocks. Check the manufacturer’s manual to see the leveling system that’s ideal for your RV.

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