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What is a Class A Motorhome? Class A Benefits

What is a Class A motorhome? If it’s your first time experiencing an RV lifestyle, you’ve probably asked this question multiple times. Today, these motorhomes have become popular because they come with all the amenities that promote a comfortable living.

Everyone dreams of exploring the world on a Class A motorhome, which is the true definition of luxury. These motorized RVs are one of the biggest on the road and can suit all your travel needs. Now, let’s look at what Class A RVs are.

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What is a Class A Motorhome?

These motorhomes are heavily-built RVs constructed on the chassis of a commercial truck, motor vehicle, or commercial bus. They have multiple slide-outs on the sides to add more space to the RV. When considering luxury, Class A RVs are the way to go.


Class A motorhomes are an excellent choice for people who love traveling as a family. Here are the benefits of these homes:

  • Spacious Interior: These homes have open interior designs that make them more fun and less crowded. The open spaces make them feel like home. 
  • Plenty of Storage Space: One thing that makes these RVs the number one choice for many families is their big storage spaces, including kitchen cabinets.
  • Better Visibility: These motorhome’s chassis is high, providing a better road view. Their large, panoramic windshields offer unobstructed views. 
  • More Engine Power: Many Class A motorhome models provide extra engine power to help you climb steep mountains with ease.
  • Smooth Driving: Driving the Class A ‘feels’ smoother on the road than driving a Class C RV. 


Despite the benefits of Class A motorhomes, they also have drawbacks, which include:

  • Maneuverability Issues: The motorhomes are pretty tricky to maneuver since they are heavy and long. Their length can range from 29 to 45 feet.
  • Relatively Expensive: The cost of buying and maintaining motorhomes adds up very fast, which makes these recreational vehicles costly.
  • Size Restrictions: Some national parks and campgrounds may impose size limits on RVs. As a result, Class A’s may not go to some places.

Motorhomes at Camperland

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is a Class A motorhome,” you can make an informed decision. You can rent or purchase Class A motorhomes for sale at Camperland. Our RVs guarantee convenience and comfort at affordable prices.

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