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What Is An A-Frame Camper Trailer?

An A-frame camper is a perfect choice for families that are ready for outdoor adventures on a budget. While it is less popular than other travel trailers, it comes with numerous benefits. This RV model can help you save a lot of money on your camping adventures or trips. It can fit your budget better while still offering all the comfort your family deserves.

So how exactly does an A-frame trailer look? This model of RV trailer folds flat when being stored or towed, just like the pop-up trailer. But when in use, the folded panels get raised until they come together to form a peak, creating a roof. The roof is ‘A-shaped,’ hence the name A-frame camper trailer or triangle camper.

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An Affordable Option

Since A-frame camper trailers are small in size, they are less costly to buy. Even if you intend to rent the A-frame pop-up camper instead of buying it, you will still save money because the trailers lower rental prices. Most renters understand that RVs with lower value rent for less. With an A-frame camper, you can enjoy a less costly adventure.

Lightweight Travels

An A-frame camper trailer is one of the most lightweight RV models. Even a small car can tow the camper, helping you save money. If you don’t have a truck to haul the A-frame trailer, you can use your current vehicle instead of renting or buying a large truck. Besides, light campers are easy to pull, reducing gas consumption in the towing vehicle.

Can Be Used All Year-Round

One reason to choose an A-frame camper trailer over other trailers is that it is incredibly comfortable for camping all year-round. It’s hard on all sides, and any weather condition will never stop you from having an adventurous trip. Their counterpart pop-up campers tend to get chilly in winter and annoyingly hot in summer since they lack insulation.

Choosing an A-Frame Camper for Your Next Trip

An A-frame camper offers numerous benefits to small families. It is easy to tow, easy to set, and has enough storage spaces. It’s a perfect choice for families looking forward to enjoying road trips on a budget. Consider renting or buying an A-frame camper at Camperland for your next trip. Our affordable deals will help you save money.

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