sealtech rv leak testing

At Camperland Trailer Sales in Conroe, just 40 miles north of Houston, TX.









Camperland Trailer Sales is fully equipped with state-of-the-art recreational vehicle leak testing technology. SEALTECH pinpoints leaks, allowing our service department to quickly detect and repair RV leaks so that you can get back on the road! Bring your RV investment in so that we can find any leaks and repair the damage before it becomes irreversiable. 


sealtech 430

  • It can seem impossible to locate those hard to find RV leaks!
  • You’ve probably attempted to repair the leaks more than once which understandably leads to frustration.
  • The SEALTECH 43O finds the actual outer surface leak, which is often separate from any visible interior moisture, water damage, or musty smells.

Pinpoint leaks

  • The Sealtech 430 creates air pressure inside the RV, causing air to escape at the source of the leak & the soapy water (surfactant) solution creates a bubble precisely at the opening.
  • This results in an accurate leak diagnosis.

Reliable Testing

  • Sealtech has been used for over ten years in the U.S. & Canada.
  • No more guessing & DIY leak sealing.
  • Protect your RV investment for years to come.