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” Best service department around. Never had an issue. I will continue to recommend Camperland to everyone I know.”


These people were the best. My husband and I went to several RV dealers and feel like we were so blessed to find these people. We knew nothing about RV’s and Bob our salesman was so knowledgeable and not pushy. Then we spent 3 1/2 hours with Curtis showing us all about our RV and even met the owner and the finance lady. Thank you all for making this a great experience.

Dorie Mcewan

We love to shop at Camperland for our rv supplies. It is a family friendly business and they make you feel like you are family. They are always quick to help you find you what you need. Very honest business to shop at. We have shopped at their parts and the service department and will continue to use this business. Very highly recommend Camperland.


Highly recommend these guys!!

I would literally drive from out of state to have this team fix anything on my RV. They really care and take the time to educate you about everything that needs Replaced or Repaired plus we were able to utilize my extended warranty. Camperland also has a mobile unit to come to you. Which is So Amazing!

Thank you guys for helping me in my pursuit of perfection!

Laura Eason

Amazing experience beginning to end. Can’t say enough good things. Great customer experience!

Thomas Livingston

My wife and I went camper shopping and thank goodness we pulled into Camperland in Conroe. It was a very nice experience from beginning to end and we did buy the camper we were looking for. Great experience

Robert wood

Wow! What a great experience with service dept. The owner is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share and help you with questions and to understand the issues you may be facing. Took my RV in on Friday and it was ready to be picked up on Tuesday. Service manager and Chief technician were so very helpful. Great family business and I’m so glad to see the owner there greeting and helping the customers.

Pat Smith

Always willing to help and work with you answer any questions you have. The best part is if they don’t know they will ask someone who does. The sales people are not pushy either, like dealerships that bombard you when you enter.

Kyle Lubelski

I had looked everywhere for a fuse that we needed to repair my mother-in-law’s RV. Glynda in Parts came through for us. She found the fuse, held it for us, even gave us a couple of tips. We had it fixed in no time. She is awesome. Thank you.

Amanda talley

Great place to look for a new RV, lots of options, all units have all the bells and whistles, so comparing through the internet was easy, none of the others even came close in price….. Still undecided on which though, I had chosen out one but I took too long to put it on hold, and now its sold…. wish I had listened to the sales person.

Edu Gamer

Great staff and a lot of different floor plans to choose from, easy to find the one I was really looking for and even a 2017 unit isn’t priced crazy like the other dealerships are. Can’t wait to get ours and start going on adventures!

Meagan O'Neal

My wife and I checked out a lot of travel trailers before making it here but we wish this is where we had started. Bob was the first sales rep who did not try to wrangle us into buying the day-of and actually let us take our time to check out every unit in our budget. I never got bombarded with phone calls and I felt no pressure to rush but once we were ready and we wanted to buy Bob got it done in excellent time! This is our first travel trailer and we absolutely love it but we would be totally clueless to a lot of its features if Curtis had not given us a proper walkthrough. He knew absolutely everything about our trailer when we came to get it; he showed us every little feature and tip for owning a trailer and even taught us how to drive it and get on the road for our first time towing! If you buy from here be sure to ask for Curtis and he will give every tool and piece of knowledge you need to know for your vehicle!

TJ Edwards

Had long list and growing regarding issues with my RV. Started the list several years ago then the RV didn’t move for 2 years which created more issues. Then came Harvey. I live in Fort Worth and wanted to come down to help. Once down here everything on RV was working fine or at least workable (Remember list) Then I went to relocate and had a living room slide out decide it liked hanging out. Ok, now there is an issue that has a workable work around but really, who wants to deal with a slide out manually? So I found Camperland. Explained that money is a major issue but needed to get room working. I also gave a partial list but asked to be called with estimates for the rest of the partial list. I knew most places had a 1 hour minimum and I figured slide out would be (hopefully no more than 2 hours).

I came back about an hour and a half later to find that in that first hours time they were able to diagnose and repair all 3 item’s on my list. This included slide out, self leveling jacks, and fridge working only on 120 volt. At that point I asked if they would look at the rest of the list and give me estimates. They were happy to and at that point I felt very lucky. So I decided to head home to Fort Worth for the night. On the way up they called me several times regarding the list. In the end my 8 item list was zero and I was out only a little over $200.

Granted, I got lucky as the majority of the issues did not need parts to resolve. They only needed expert knowledge. These folks utilized their knowledge and kept me in my comfort zone.

I’m not bad mouthing other dealers but I’m not sure how many different shops you could go to where someone didn’t try to sell you a “necessary” part or an unnessary upgrade.

Andy the (service manager) and Tom (the tech) both get a 10 in my book.

Thank you for your expert knowledge and professionalism.

A. Thomas Dillon

From the moment I came into your company’s store, based on the recommendation of my mother in law, I was warmly greeted by your sales consultant Mr. Bob, who was the very person I was told to find. We sat down in his office, and I asked him if the Grey Wolf was still available, to my relief it was, I think I cracked him up a few times while we were chatting. He is very easy to talk to and very efficient as well as friendly.

Your finance manager Mrs. Cheryl was also helpful and nice. I got this nice motherly vibe from her and welcomed the fact she cared about why we needed the RV and how she “worked her magic” as Bob had said and found us a good lender.

One of your employees, however, went above and beyond helping me out. Mr. Curtis, who was the one in charge of showing me the walkthrough on my RV before he had to deliver it. He helped me pick out a hose set, a water purifier, and recommended what blocks I should use for the RV. When we arrived at the lot he made sure to park it to where I would have room on the concrete for chairs, and wouldn’t be able to track mud in when it rained. As he was setting up he again carefully went over what he was doing as he began setting/hooking up my electricity and water. He also treated me just like family, sharing his water, and making me feel as if I was his very own granddaughter.

All in all my experience at Camperland was very homely and comfortable, and getting what your employers called a gem amongst your pre-owned RVs was the best thing that my husband and I have ever done.

Thank you all so much

Aspen Green